SG-312 Motorized Swing Gate Turnstile


SG 312 tires used AISI 304 quality stainless steel body. It can be used easily both inside and outside. The staff is designed with the aim of being used in handicapped and material passages. When requested, the signs “stop”, “late” and “disabled” are added to the plexiglass or glass wing. The motorized stringer works with 220 Vac. The internal voltage is 24 Vdc. It is sufficient to use any access control product that can provide a dry contact for opening the lid. The SG 312 is then switched on automatically via the motor. The electronic card in the turnstile automatically switches off and locks after a set period of time. When entering a person or object during closing and opening, it does not damage the person or object in between, it pushes with a certain force by the engine clutch and moves it. All Swing Gate Tournaments have TSEK, ISO and CE certificates.

Turnike iç ve dış mekanlara uygun olarak dizayn edilmiştir. Ancak aşırı nem ortamında veya çok tozlu bölgelerdeçalıştırılacaksa siparişte belirtilmek şartıyla opsiyonel olaarak çözüm üretilir. Elektrik kesintilerinde turnikeler serbest geçişe izin verir. Bu yasal bir mecburiyettir. Ancak elektrik kesildiğindekilitli kalması istenirse, müşterinin yazılı talimatıyla opsiyonel olarak sağlanır.